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Ting Zhao, Chairman & President

Ms. Ting Zhao, was honored as Business Woman of the Year 2005 by President George W. Bush and the National Congressional Committee, where she was honorary chairwomen to its business advisory council. She serves as an advisor to Columbia University for issues relating to China, international business management, and world class Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility.

Ms. Zhao has been recognized by The World Premier Financial Association Million Dollar Round Table as one of the top 1% of financials professionals worldwide.

She studied law and electrical engineering in China and graduated from Columbia University and Thunderbird School of Global Management (MBA).  

Tommy Lee, CEO

PFM’s Chief Executive Officer, Tommy Lee, has been a prominent New York City downtown developer over the past 40 years. Mr. Lee’s portfolio includes many well known projects including residential apartment buildings, churches, hotels, and shopping malls. Much of his work has focused on local community development, especially for low income families.

Over the past 5 years, Mr. Lee has been spent considerable time in PNG and has developed very strong relationships with local area leaders and landowners. He is committed to bringing PNG nursing homes, medical facilities, housing, employment, modern infrastructure, and modern township development. He also sees PNG growing its popularity as a sought after eco-tourism destination.

From a refugee of Burma with less than $10 cash 47 years ago to today’s successful entrepreneur, Mr. Lee is a truly inspirational figure. He know that his dreams for PNG, the dreams of PNG and the hopes of the local landowners and their families are truly obtainable outcomes. Proper planning combined with Mr. Lee's direction and careful and eco friendly execution will make the Poject a model for eco-friendly development.

Darrell Kelsoe, COO

PFM’s Chief Operating Officer, Darrell Kelsoe, has decades of experience in timber, biomass, and renewable energy projects. Mr. Kelsoe is a top ranked expert in forest management of offshore forest concessions and has successfully executed several millions acres of large scale timber/biomass projects in the United States, Belize, Guyana, Brazil, and Peru.

He has years of experience logging, saw milling, and building wood treating facilities for lumber, cross ties, plywood, and particle board production. In addition, he has set up greenfield operations in remote, almostinaccessible parts of South America. In some of the sites he developed the total compound: electric generating systems, fuel supply, roads, airstrip, and medical facilities.

After college, Mr. Kelsoe enlisted in the US Army and is a Vietnam era veteran. While in the military he received his private pilot license, a great asset for transportation into remote areas in the bush.

Mr. Kelsoe holds multiple patents in wood processing techniques and devices. 

Jim Cook, Adviser

Jim Cook has extensive experience both as an entrepreneur and director in high technology companies. He was Vice President of Technology for Computervision (a Fortune 500 company), Vice President of Engineering for Denning Mobile Robotics, and a Director of Artel, a NASDAQ listed fiber optics company. He was a founder and President of both Verbex (an Exxon Enterprises venture) and Unidata Systems, the latter achieving a NASDAQ valuation of over $30 million.

In addition, Mr. Cook has taught MBA courses in the Economics of Manufacturing (UCSD), Advanced Manufacturing (Worcester Polytechnic), and Entrepreneurship (University of Melbourne) and has given over 40 graduate lectures in Corporate Finance in China.

Until recently, he was a consultant to senior management at DuPont, Motorola, Rolls Royce Jet Engines, and Fiat.

Gregory Tonkowich, Adviser

Gregory Tonkowich has employment and consulting experience in a variety of industries on security, organizational, financial and risk issues.

While living in Central America he was involved with finance, telecom, and tourism projects in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and was on the original teams which constructed Rio Indio Lodge, in the jungles of SE Nicaragua and Posada el Quijote, in Escazú, Costa Rica.

Earlier, in a grassroots effort, he partnered with Haitian producers and developed a network exporting primitive Haitian art and custom designed handicrafts to the US.

Mr. Tonkowich holds degrees from Tufts University (BA), the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (MBA), and Thunderbird School of Global Management (MIM).

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