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The Project consists of a sustainable timber and biomass operation covering 186,715 hectares (461,372 acres) and undertaken following an extensive Environmental Impact Assessment, and in accordance with all local laws and international standards.

The Project will bring numerous benefits to the region, including a reliable revenue stream for the local government, capital to the local landowners, and infrastructure for the community.

In addition to timber products, the project will also seek revenues from the production of marketable biomass. The demand for biomass has increased tremendously in recent years as many countries and corporations are under increasing pressure to find clean, renewable energy resources. We have the expertise and resources to bring biomass products to market using proven technologies for long-term, cost-effective solutions. Biomass is carbon-neutral and can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Under the framework of the Kyoto Agreement, the generation of electricity from biomass does not compute in terms of emissions. 

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